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How to Finish ‘No Sudden Moves’ in Starfield

Starfield No Sudden Moves is the tenth mission you can take on in the main story of Constellation. For this mission, Vladimir has yet another artifact for you to collect, but this time around, it is in the hands of Captain Petrov aboard his special ship, the Scow.

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You’ll start this mission by heading to the Procylon A System, then heading to the Scow marker there. When you arrive, you’ll need to either have Sam Coe alongside you or persuade the ship to let you inside. You can attack the ship, but I don’t recommend this route unless you want a bounty on your head.

How to Complete the Starfield “No Sudden Moves” Mission

Here are the steps you need to take once you board the ship to obtain the artifact and complete the Starfield “No Sudden Moves” mission:

  1. Board the ship and speak with Tao Xun, the security leader for the ship.
  2. Continue north through the ship until you reach Captain Petrov’s throne room.
  3. Speak with the three collectors standing in his room before talking with Petrov to learn some valuable insight.
  4. Speak with Captain Petrov.
  5. Attack or persuade him to show you his collection of rare items.
  6. After being shown the artifact, steal it.
  7. Briefly fight only Captain Petrov until he surrenders.
  8. Don’t continue fighting or attack his guards.
  9. Leave peacefully with the artifact.

The key here is going to be lots of persuasion, but if you talk with his collectors in the same room as Petrov, you can make the situation much easier.

While you do have to steal the artifact right in front of him, as long as you don’t kill anyone, Petrov will let you leave with it peacefully and you won’t have a bounty on your head. But if you attack again after he surrenders or kill someone, be prepared to pay some hefty credits in the near future.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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