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How to Fix FFXIV Dawntrail Error 2002

Early access kicked off for FFXIV Dawntrail ahead of the game’s full launch on July 2, 2024, and that’s led to an influx of Error 2002. It’s an issue we basically have no control over, due to it being tied to congestion and a lot of people trying to get on and play the MMORPG at once. However, Square Enix did explain a way to help deal with it on our end.

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How do I fix FFXIV Dawntrail Error 2002?

Remember how the first course of action when your computer or the internet isn’t working is to turn it off and back on again or unplug and replug it back in again? Well, this is a similar situation. Error 2002 comes up in FFXIV when a lot of people are trying to login at once and are in line. To keep everything from crashing, the error comes up and people get bumped.

So, Square Enix says if you are kicked because of Error 2002, you should immediately try to log back in again. The server will allegedly hold your spot for 60 seconds. So there is a chance you will still even go right back to the place you held before the influx of people resulted in you being booted off.

If you are still experiencing Error 2002 in FFXIV after trying to connect again after being disconnected, Square Enix also recommended playing outside of what it calls the peak congestion times. It also suggested what those hours may be for each Data Center. Note that the estimates may also be based on normal play sessions, so given the early access phase of Dawntrail the slammed hours could continue outside of the expected ones.

  • European Data Center: 4am-4pm PT/7am-7pm ET/1pm-1am CET
  • Japanese Data Center: 2am-8am PT/5am-11am ET/11am-5pm CET
  • North American Data Center: 1pm-11pm PT/4pm-2am ET/10pm-8am CET
  • Oceanian Data Center: 12am-6am PT/3am-9am ET/9am-3pm CET

Final Fantasy XIV and its Dawntrail expansion are now in early access on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, and the full Dawntrail launch starts on July 2, 2024.

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