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How to Fix No Audio in Starfield

On June 9, 2024, Starfield was updated to include features that fans have anticipated since its initial launch September 6, 2023. Creation mode, new missions, and general bug fixes were incorporated into the patch. Although this patch update fixes issues with Starfield, it also introduced new problems. In this guide, we will explain how to fix the no audio issue in Starfield on Xbox. 

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Method 1: Power Cycle Your Xbox

There are a few possible ways to fix the audio problem that is plaguing Starfield. The first method is to power cycle your console. To do this, you must completely shut off your Xbox console. Hold down the power button for 10 seconds or until the light shuts off on the Xbox. Afterwards, unplug your console from the power outlet for another 10 seconds to complete the power cycle. After 10 seconds, plug the console back into the power outlet and turn it on via the Xbox controller or power button on the Xbox console.

Method 2: Restart Starfield

Method two is to restart Starfield. Do this by pressing the Xbox button (the button in the middle of the Xbox controller that looks like the Xbox logo). Once pressed, a menu with your recently played games and apps aligned vertically will pop up to the left. Find Starfield should be the first app under the home and My games & apps buttons. Scroll to Starfield and press the menu button on the Xbox controller. Navigate to the option that says, “Quit” and press the A button to close the game.

Instead of using the menu, you can also do this method via the home screen. Once on the home screen, hover the app Starfield and press the menu button. Then go to the option that quits the game. To restart the game, select Starfield from the menu or home screen and press the A button.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Starfield

Method three involves uninstalling and reinstalling Starfield. Because it’s going to probably take the longest and could mean a lengthy download, I recommend leaving it for last. Hover over the Starfield app on either the home screen or the menu, then press the menu button. Navigate to the Manage games and add-ons option and click the A button your controller. There will be an option to “uninstall all.” Click on it, and the game will uninstall. If Starfield is not on your home screen or the menu, go to “My games & apps” and find it in your games library. Be careful to not delete your save data.

To reinstall, go to your Full Library in your library and find Starfield. Click on the app and press Install. If you have the Starfield disc, insert your disc and click on the icon on your home screen to begin the reinstall.

If the no audio bug still persists, Bethesda suggests disabling your recently installed Creation mod. As seems to be a common issue, Bethesda said the team is investigating the problem and will fix it in a future patch.

Starfield is available on the Xbox Series X and PC.

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