Resident Evil 4 Attach Case Charms

How to Get Attache Case Charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To mix things up, Capcom added a few extra gameplay mechanics and gimmicks to Residenh Evil 4 in 2023. This includes the inclusion of Attache Case charms in the Resident Evil 4 remake. While not necessary to obtain, they do provide some interesting bonuses and benefits when attached to your case. The option to attach Attache Case charms appears in the early hours of the game, and this can be done at any save point. However, the opportunity to obtain them happens a little further on into the game.

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The first time you will be able to obtain Attache Case charms in the Resident Evil 4 remake is when you get access to the shooting gallery. Progressing through the game will have you stumbling upon one of these shooting ranges sooner, rather than later. The shooting gallery is an optional series of challenges players can participate in that will test your accuracy and reflexes. Each challenge will have a specific weapon assigned to it. The higher you score, the more Silver or Gold Coins you are given. Additional challenges will be unlocked as you get through Resident Evil 4 remake. You can see an example of some of the challenges and rewards below.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Attache Case Charms

These coins can be exchanged at a gacha machine in the shooting gallery, at which point a random Attache Case charm will be given to the player. Different charms will bestow different benefits. For example, the Luis Sera charm will net players an extra 20% pesetas when selling a gun back to the Merchant. Other charms will increase the amount of ammunition crafted as well. The charms themselves will look familiar to those that played the original Resident Evil 4, and serve as a fun little series of Easter eggs. Additionally, a total of three charms can be attached to your Attache Case at any given time.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Attache Case Charms

Resident Evil 4 Remake is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. A playable demo is immediately available.

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