Concord Open Beta
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How to Get Into the Concord Open Beta

Sony’s upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter, Concord, is almost here. Ahead of its official release, Sony will be holding an Early Access and an Open Beta Test for prospective players. The tests will allow players to get a taste of what the game has in store and to get excited for Concord’s official release on 23 August, 2024. This is everything you need to know ahead of the game’s upcoming Beta Tests.

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Concord Open Beta
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When Is The Concord Open Beta Test?

Concord’s beta tests happen in two phases: the Early Access test and the Open Beta test. Both tests will be available on PS5 and PC. These are the dates for both of them:

  • Early-Access: 12 July, 2024 to 14 July, 2024
  • Open Beta Test: 18 July, 2024 to 21 July, 2024
Concord Open Beta
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How To Get Into Concord’s Beta Test

Players who pre-order Concord will be able to get in on the Early Access test. Additionally, they will receive five codes to access the test. One of these codes will be for you to access the test, while the rest of them can be distributed to your friends so they can get a taste of the game for free.

Concord’s Open Beta Test can be accessed by all players, whether they’re playing on the PS5 or on PC. The Open Beta Test is free, meaning that you don’t need to buy the game in order to participate.

If you find yourself loving the game after the Beta Tests are complete, you don’t need to wait for the game’s official launch on 23 August, 2024. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you’ll gain access to Concorde three days before its official release.

Concord Open Beta
Image via PlayStation on YouTube

What Can You Look Forward To During Concord’s Beta Test?

The Beta test lets players try out several features from the game’s official release, including:

  • All 16 playable Freegunner characters.
  • The Freewater, Water Hazard, Star Chamber, Shock Risk, and Bone Mines maps.
  • The beginning of the game’s main story.
  • Trophy Hunt game mode, which has you taking down players in order to achieve your team’s target score.
  • Cargo Run game mode, which has players hiding and defending various packages from enemy players.
  • Clash Point game mode, where teams must vie for control of a central zone against one another.
  • Area Control game mode, where players have to capture and protect various zones from enemy players.

Concord will release for PC and PlayStation 5 on August 23, 2024.

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