Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucid Gems Crystals
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How to Get Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucid Crystals and Gems

Finding materials can sometimes be tricky in Kingdom Hearts games, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is no exception to this rule. Lucid Crystals are a highly important item in Kingdom Hearts 3, as they will enable you to craft the Ultima Weapon for Sora and Save the Queen + staff for Donald Duck.

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Lucid Crystals are also a key material needed when making the Defense Boost item, which will be crucial when taking on the data boss battles. This guide will show you the best way to get Lucid Crystals and Gems in Kingdom Hearts 3.

A quick tip: before grinding any items in Kingdom Hearts 3, ensure you equip the Favorite Deputy Keyblade and any Lucky Rings on Sora. Alongside this, make sure to equip the Lucky Strike ability on Goofy. This will increase the item drop rate from enemies.

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How to Get Lucid Crystals in Kingdom Hearts 3

The best way to obtain Lucid Crystals is by defeating the Anchor Raider, who only resides in The Caribbean. Head to the Isle of Luck, which is on the west side of the map, and there should be three Anchor Raiders. I recommend sticking with magic attacks, especially if you are at a lower level, as these enemies can sometimes become troublesome in close combat scenarios.

After defeating all three Anchor Raiders, fast-travel somewhere else on The Caribbean map by using the pirate ship and then head back to the Isle of Luck, where they should reappear. You may have to beat a few Anchor Raiders in succession before any Lucid Crystals drop, but rest assured, this is definitely the best spot to farm this material in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Anchor Raider will also drop Wellspring Crystals. This is helpful because Wellspring Crystals are one of the components used when crafting Lucid Crystals at the Moogle Workshop. You will need 1 Wellspring Crystal, 2 Lucid Gem, 3 Lucid Stone and 5 Lucid Shard to craft Lucid Crystals.

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How to Get Lucid Gems in Kingdom Hearts 3

To find Lucid Gems, you will want to beat Chief Puff, who can only be found in the Kingdom of Corona. You can find these heartless in several locations scattered across The Hills. However, the quickest way to find them is by taking on the Battle Gate 7.

Fast travel to the Forest Tower, and then head backwards from the save point through the cave until you reach the prairie grassland; then turn right and follow the path, and you should find the Battle Gate 7. When you’re fighting a Chief Puff, make use of the Aeroga attack, as this will blow down the Chief Puff’s tower immediately and make them vulnerable to attacks without slowly hacking away at its armour. If you are strong enough, it may even instantly kill them.

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If you’re not strong enough yet to take on Battle Gate 7, defeating the Malachite Bolero is a great alternative to get Lucid Gems, which can be found in the Kingdom of Corona or The Caribbean. The easiest way to find these heartless is by going to the Forest Tower in the Kingdom of Corona and heading north until you reach the bottom of the waterfall.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now available on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.

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