How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage Order of Heroes Item Set Bonus

How to Get the Fire Emblem Engage Order of Heroes Item Bonus

Now that Fire Emblem Engage is here, you can head into FE Heroes to claim your Order of Heroes Item Set free bonus DLC. Nintendo shared a walkthrough. This is a fairly simple process, especially if you already linked the mobile game to your My Nintendo and Switch account. And even if you didn’t, it’s as simple as first logging into the same account you use on your Switch, then going through the redemption process.

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When you get to the Fire Emblem Heroes home screen, you’ll see the Quests & Missions portal on the bottom right of the “castle.” Click that, then click the shield next to the “Quests & Missions” header on the next page. This will take you to a list of possible My Nintendo Rewards you can redeem for the mobile game. The very first item will now be a free Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code + 5 Orbs option. That is what you want to select. You’ll also want to be ready to write down, screenshot, or input after this next step.

That’s because while the five free Orbs will be sent directly to your Fire Emblem Heroes Present List, the Switch FE Engage 16-digit code bonus will appear on screen. You’ll need to open the eShop on your Switch, go to “Enter Code,” then input that there. Once you do, it will automatically download the free DLC set. This gives you Alfonse’s Folkvangr sword, Anna’s Noatun ace, and Sharena’s Fensalir Polearm, as well as Alfonse S, Anna S, and Sharena S rings characters can equip. If you already beat chapter three, it will automatically pop up when you load a save. If you haven’t, then when returning to the Somniel after chapter three, you’ll get the free items.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Switch, while Fire Emblem Heroes is on Android and Apple iOS devices. 150 days after you claim the Order of Heroes Item Set, it will expire. So if you get the eShop code on January 20, 2023, it must be used before it expires on June 19, 2023.

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