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How to Get to Mukurogai in Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Get to Mukurogai in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The first time you get to go to Mukurogai in Like a Dragon: Ishin, it will happen as part of the story. The game will guide you through the process of getting to this seedy sector. However, after that, it isn’t so simple. Once you’re in chapter 4, you need to go to specific places to gain access to this part of Kyo. Each time, you’ll have to pay a price.

If you’re in Fushimi, the quickest way is to stop by the ferryman in front of Komaki Dojo in Shinmachi. The ride will cost you 500 mon. This will also be the cheapest way into the area.

If you’re in Rakugai, the faster way is to use the bridge to get to Mukurogai in Like a Dragon: Ishin. However a “resident” NPC will be there and not let you in unless you get some alcohol from the Brewery on West Shijo Street in Rakugai. The cheapest drink there is the Itami Sake for 1,500 mon. Any kind of liquor will do.

So unless you’re really desperate to get to that sequestered section, it’s best if you wait until you’re in the Fushimi area to ensure a cheaper entrance fee.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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