In the left panel is a red gem. On the right, Sethos plays with electricity in his hand.
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How to Get Trishiraite in Genshin Impact (Farm Locations)

Trishiraite is a special ore that can be found in Sumeru’s desert region in Genshin Impact. This gem is used to ascend the Four-Star Electro Bow character Sethos. This guide shows you the best places to farm Trishiraite in Genshin Impact.

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A map of the underground tunnels of Sumeru's desert
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Trishiraite Underground Farming Locations

The best places to find Trishiraite is in the underground tunnels and caves in the Realm of Farakhkert and Gavireh Lajavard, both located in the north-western part of Sumeru’s desert region. Note that some of the underground locations are locked behind the Sorush questline.

A map of Sumeru's desert
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Trishiraite Above-Ground Farming Locations

Some Trishiraite can be found above ground as well. Just like the underground locations, you can also find these in the Realm of Farakhkert and Gavireh Lajavard. Make sure to check the bottom of the ravines and the tops of the cliffs.

Dehya, Sethos, Ningguang, and Wanderer stand on the desert dunes
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Use these Characters to Farm Trishiraite in Genshin Impact

Some characters’ passives make hunting down Trishiraite locations easier:

  • Ningguang:
    • She is a must-have for farming any kind of gem. Her passive reveals nearby gems on the minimap.
  • Candace:
    • She allows you to consume less stamina while climbing.
  • Dehya
    • She increases your sprinting speed during the day, and Rosaria increases your sprinting speed during the night.
  • Any character who can fly or propel themselves into the air helps while you’re going from cliff to cliff. Wanderer, Venti, Xianyun, and Kazuha are all characters who can do this.

Genshin Impact is now available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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