How To Get Veronica’s Cat Costume In Dragon Quest XI

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There are a lot of costumes in Dragon Quest IX: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and Veronica has one of the better ones. You can dress her up as a cat. It is pretty good. But, getting the cat suit is not as simple as finding a recipe to craft it at the Fun-size Forge, completing a sidequest, or buying it at a shop. It actually involves a bit of back-and-forth in a lakeside town.


You can find Veronica’s Cat Suit in Gondolia. The Cat Hat is easy to get. It is sold at the armor merchant when you first walk into town for 1,250 gold coins. But the Cat Suit requires a bit of finesse. An NPC on the left side of the canals has a booth set up where he will offer to sell you the Cat Suit for 10,000 gold coins. There is no vendor sign near him, so you will only find out he has the suit if you walk up and ask him about it. You do not want to pay 10,000 gold coins for it.


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What you do want to do is go up the staircase just past this guy’s shop. (It is on the left.) Walk down this upper pathway for a bit until you see a man in a indigo tunic manning a stall on the left. This is the Cat Suit merchant’s brother. He starts off saying he has the suit for 12,000 gold, but quickly changes the price when he realizes his sibling is selling it for a lower price. He offers it to you for 9,800, and the dance begins.


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What follows is a bit of back-and-forth. If you keep bartering, the brother on the lower street will drop his price to 1,000 gold coins. That is good as you are going to get, bringing the price for Veronica’s whole outfit down to 2,250.


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It is a fairly good outfit, especially if you invest Perfectionist Pearls at the Fun-size Forge to bump up its stats a bit. (I had Veronica wearing it until I hit the open seas.) I am unsure if this Dragon Quest XI costume is available after the initial visit to Gondolia, so make sure you have 2,250 set aside and take care of this little mission before you leave town!


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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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