How to Increase Supports with Fire Emblem Engage Characters Guide

How to Increase Fire Emblem Engage Characters’ Support Ranks

Getting closer to characters is a staple in Fire Emblem games. As people fight alongside each other, friendships can develop. As usual, Fire Emblem Engage offers the ability to see characters support and guide one another, with ranks going to to A in the game. To help figure out how to make friends, here are a few actions you can take to encourage allies to get along.

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One way is to visit the Arena. If the character you choose ends up randomly fighting someone they can form a relationship with in Fire Emblem Engage, then they’ll earn support points. You can only take part in three Arena battles each time between story chapters and battles you take part in on the map.

You can also build up ranks by going to the Cafe Terrace. One ally will be in charge of cooking. You can pick two other people to join you for a meal. (The person making the food isn’t an option.) When you do so, you’ll be able to see their current support rank with each other, if they can do so. All three characters involved will also get a temporary stat boost depending on how well the food is cooked.

How to Increase Fire Emblem Engage Characters' Support Ranks

The best advice I have to guide you to higher support levels and coveted A rank in Fire Emblem Engage is to have compatible people fight alongside each other. If they are next to one another when attacking a foe, they’ll build up points. You’ll see a visual indicator (a heart) and hear a chime after the encounter, to confirm that the relationship is growing. If a character can heal using staves or dance, it becomes much easier as they can support each other more directly and frequently.

Finally, Alear has an additional option. You can buy gifts from the Flea Market after Timerra joins your crew to give people on The Somniel. Each person has certain likes and dislikes, which you can check in the reference section and pick up on as you speak with them. You can also find items like Spirit Gems, Pretty Stones, and Horse Manure at glittering gathering spots on The Somniel to give as presents.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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