How to Increase Weapon Rarity FFVII Ever Crisis
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How to Increase Weapon Rarity FFVII Ever Crisis

While Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis allows you to obtain characters entirely for free, the game has a “Weapon Gacha.” This means that players will need to roll on banners to obtain weapons that will grant their characters extra skills and stat benefits. However, even if you don’t roll the highest rarity version of the weapon, there are ways to raise that. This guide will break down the ways you can increase weapon rarity in FFVII Ever Crisis.

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How to Increase Weapon Rarity FFVII Ever Crisis

In order to increase Weapon Rarity you will need one of two items. These are the Weapon Parts and Character-Specific Weapon Parts. Either of these can be used to increase the rarity of a weapon up to 5-stars maximum. The game will provide you with a total of 20 Buster Sword Weapon Parts to teach you about this system. These can be obtained by completing Jumpstart Missions.

How to Increase Weapon Rarity FFVII Ever Crisis

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Naturally, Weapon Parts can only be used on specific weapons. For example, the Buster Sword Weapon Parts can only be used to upgrade the rarity of the Buster Sword. Whereas Character Specific Weapon parts can be used for any character specific weapon. For example, Tifa Specific Weapon Parts can be used on weapons only Tifa can equip.

Another way to increase your weapon rarity is to pull a higher rarity version of the weapon through a banner. This will rely entire on luck, and could be costly if you choose to drop money on the game. Or eat up what free in-game currency is given to you through completing Missions and progressing the story.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is immediately available for Android and iOS.

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