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How to Level up Fast as a Palworld Beginner

With the release of a new update for Palworld on June 27, 2024, Pocketpair introduced a plethora of new Pals, raids, and materials to the survival game, as well as a new area to the game called Sakurajima Island. This location is available for anyone to access the moment you start the game. High level Pals roam Sakurajima Island, with the ability to kill the player in one hit if their level is too low. With Pal monsters over level 50, new players may ask how they can level up fast to experience this new update, and there are some ways to help with that.

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Palworld tower boss
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How do I level up in Palworld?

There are many ways to gain levels in Palworld. Most are by interacting with the survival mechanics of the game. You can rank up by:

  • Boss Battles
  • Building
  • Capturing Pals
  • Cooking
  • Crafting
  • Defeating Pals in the world
  • Incubating eggs

Although all of these give EXP, most of these don’t give you enough to gain a single level without grinding for long periods. However, beginners are fortunate in that they can get EXP boosts via capturing Pals.

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An EXP bonus of 200 or higher is awarded when new Palworld players capture the first 10 Pals of the same species. At lower levels, this could have them at level 15 in an afternoon. The best way to grind Pal capturing is in the first area of Palworld. Many species roam the area that are easy to beat and farm EXP spawn in abundance. As players gain EXP for crafting items, crafting pal spheres to capture Pals gives additional points for an easy level up.

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Take advantage of other EXP boosts

The EXP boost from capturing the first 10 Pals will eventually cease as players explore the area. There are other ways to gain a lot of EXP at once. However, these methods are harder for beginners. New players can participate in Dungeon, Alpha, and Tower boss fights to gain a significant amount of EXP. 

Dungeon, Alpha, and Tower bosses are scattered around the world, and they all have varying difficulty. All bosses give over 100 EXP and drop quality items. Also if players manage to defeat one, the boss will respawn after a period of time. This means Palworld players can grind high amounts EXP when they are comfortable enough to take on these stronger foes. Players can tame these boss monsters if they wish as well, which can further help with EXP boosts and going into battles stronger.

Palworld is available in Early Access on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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