How To Make Delicious Curry Power Ups In Holy Sorcery Story

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What better way than to enjoy your adventures with a plate of magically delicious curry? You can do just that in Holy Sorcery Story. In this PlayStation Vita game from Compile Heart and ZeroDiv your goal is to make a legendary curry.

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Pupuru can make and eat curry as a power up while exploring dungeons. Kuusii can also eat Curry, alongside Pupuru, and can get different power-up boosts.


It takes three main ingredients to make magical curry: a main ingredient such as meat and fish, rice, and spices. Depending on the type of curry, players can get different kinds buffs to help them during their dungeon trips.


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Various ingredients can also be found in dungeons. They can then be taken back to the Curry Shop to learn new curry recipes.


Players will be able to play Holy Sorcery Story and enjoy its (virtual) magical curry when its released on March 28, 2013.

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