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How to Modify a W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero

Knowing how to modify a W-Engine is essential to success in Zenless Zone Zero, and there’s even a quest tied to it. These tools can be upgraded at any time, as long as you have the correct materials.

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How do I modify a W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero?

Each time you modify a W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero, its stats improve. This means you need to stay on top of this as the game throws tougher challenges at you.

You can find the option to modify a W-Engine inside the Agents menu. Select an Agent and head over to the Enhancements portion of the menu. This is where you can equip a W-Engine by selecting the center circle. When you select one, you’ll get three options – Equip, Enhance and Recycle. Select Enhance.

In the Enhance Menu, you can modify your selected W-Engine. Select the level and it will open a menu allowing you to level up the item. You can use W-Engine Batteries, W-Engine Power Supplies and W-Engine Energy Modules to increase the level, with each item granting 100, 600 and 3,000 EXP respectively. Every 10 levels, you’ll need to modify the W-Engine to continue leveling, which requires specific items that get rarer each time.

How do I find Modification Items in Zenless Zone Zero?

The items needed to modify a W-Engine can be found in many places in Zenless Zone Zero. These are usually Components that correspond to different Agent types and can be obtained as rewards for various quests across the game.

However, there is a surefire way to obtain these materials, and it requires you unlocking the VR Device. This will happen naturally as part of the story, after the commission Cat’s Lost and Found. As well as the VR Device, you can now access the Combat Simulation from the Training tab of the Compendium. Taking part in these combat challenges will reward you with Components that can be used to modify your W-Engines.

Zenless Zone Zero is available now on the PC, PS5 and mobile devices.

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