FFXIV Songbird Attire Valentione

How to Obtain Valentione and Songbird Attire in FFXIV

With Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 upon us, Square Enix has released the gender lock on several items. This includes the FFXIV Valentione and Songbird attire. However, while the outfits are available to obtain on the online store, there is another way players can get these outfits entirely for free. However, there are some stipulations.

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Like with any FFXIV seasonal attire, the Valentione and Songbird outfits can be purchased in-game if players have completed that year’s seasonal quest. This potentially circumvents players from having to re-purchase the outfits from real money through the FFXIV Online Store. To check if you can get both outfit variants entirely for free, you only need to do the following:

  • Head to any of the three starting cities, these being Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah, and Gridania.
  • From there, make your way to the “Recompense Officer” in either city. You can find the location of each officer below.
    • Limsa Lominsa – X:11.3, Y:14.2
    • Ul’dah – X:12.5, Y:13.2
    • Gridania – X:10.0, Y:8.3
  • Select the appropriate options, which in this case is either the Valentione’s Day or Little Ladies’ Day items. If you have unlocked the outfits through previous event participation, both sets will appear as purchasable.

FFXIV Songbird Attire Valentione

This also goes for any previous seasonal event rewards, with the exception of housing items, food items, and mounts. So if you’ve accidentally thrown any of these items away, or want to purchase the other variant once gender locks are removed, you can do so. However, please keep in mind that this is character specific. If you have not cleared the event on the character you’re looking to get the items on, you’ll have to get them through the online store.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC.

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