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How to Play as a Noisemaker in Among Us

Among Us has a few new roles for both Crewmates and Impostors alike to enjoy on mobile, console, and PC in the June 2024 free update. One of the new roles for Crewmates in Among Us is the highly powerful Noisemaker, which lets the player help their team in an incredible way, but at a steep cost.

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How does the Noisemaker Role work in Among Us?

The Noisemaker is a role designated for one of the Crewmates in this game. How this particular role works is it requires the player to, unfortunately, die. Sadly, this role’s power isn’t even usable unless they are killed. This pretty much means if you have this role, your goal is to become a martyr.

This is because your death causes your body to sound off. This alert will be visible across the entire map by every single player at the exact same time. This shows the location of your death for a brief couple of seconds. This is incredibly valuable for your team in so many ways, if you are willing to sacrifice yourself for others.

How to Play Noisemaker in Among Us
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Best tips for playing as a Noisemaker

Sadly, the best way to play the Noisemaker in Among Us is to actually activate this. This means following around the players you think are the most suspicious or hiding in a common place for killers to thrive, such as Electrical on Skeld. Your death lets everyone know where you died.

This is amazing, since players can run to your location and potentially see who did it if they are fast. In addition, it immediately lets everyone know when you die so your body isn’t just sitting there for minutes waiting for someone to discover it. If used right, Noisemaker can help your team find one of the killers almost guaranteed.

The Tracker role is now available in Among Us for free on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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