How To Play Figureheads, Square Enix’s Online Strategy Mecha Shooter



Figureheads is a recently revealed online strategy mecha shooter by Square Enix that will focus on working together with teammates in online battles. The latest video shows us more details on the game.


In Figureheads, there are three types of weight classes for the mecha units. They are light, medium, and heavy classes, and each one comes with two different types of units.


Lightweight classes have Snipers that use sniper rifles and Engineers with a radar weapon. Middleweight classes have the Assault unit that comes with a rocket launcher weapon and the Support unit that has a repair kit. Heavyweight units have the Strikers with cannons and Heavy Assault class that comes with a Gatling Gun.


The footage at 0:50 starts with a look at the units in the order of Assault, Support, Sniper, Engineer, Heavy Assault, and Striker. The next part explains how you’ll have three AI units, called Figureheads that will follow you around, and you’ll need to give commands from various options as their orders.


As far as the online 5v5 team battles go, each player will have their own three Figureheads, so with the players included, there will be a total of 20 units per side. Players and their Figureheads will all play a role in the strategic shootouts, with supporters in the back, and attackers in the frontline.


On the maps, you can find Repair Points to recover your unit and Figureheads’ health, and a Supply Point to get some ammo. Using these areas and taking over their surroundings will be a key factor in winning the matches.


You win by taking over the other team’s outpost by shooting it down, but you’ll also need to be careful, as the opponents will be doing the same, meaning you’ll need to defend your own, too.


Finally, the last part of the video shows how you’ll get to customize your unit along with the Figureheads. We’ll find out more about the customizations in the near future.


Figureheads will launch sometime in 2015 for PC as a free-to-play title.

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