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How To Play GungHo’s PsOne Imports: Lup★Salad



Lup★Salad is a match-3 type puzzle game, originally developed by Fupac and published by Datam Polystar, released for the PlayStation in 1996. You play as a cute girl named Salad and the goal is to push blocks into groups of matching colored blocks.


At first glance, it may look like your ordinary puzzle game, full of bright colors and lots of cute stuff going on, but looks can be deceiving. Lup★Salad is definitely one of the harder puzzle games from its time, with close to 100 mind-numbing puzzles. What makes the game that much harder is how restricted movement can be.For example, if there are two blocks on top of each other, the moment the player pushes the one on the bottom, the top block will fall and squish poor Salad.



The stages often trick you, by making it seem easy to start, only to end with one a block to ruin the entire pattern that was in your mind.



… Or sometimes just flat out ridiculous, like this.


The game itself doesn’t require any Japanese knowledge to play, but the menus are in Japanese. No worries! We’re here to translate that part to help get you started.


Main Menu

すとーりー (Story) – Starts you straight to the story mode. Begins with a short story, with a conclusion upon completing 10 stages. There are a total of ten stories or worlds.

あくしょん (Action) – Similar to a Tetris or Puyo Puyo mode, where the blocks land above Salad, players can run around on the bottom and move the blocks after they land.

たいせん (Versus) – Allows you to play with another buddy 

きゅーぶ (Cubes) – ふつう / すうじ / とうめい = Normal / Numeral / Invisible; This changes the way the blocks look in the game, with normal being colored blocks with shapes, Numeral changes it to have numbers instead, and Invisible makes the blocks have nothing but their colors.

BGM うた / おんがく / なし = Song (Vocal) / Music (Instrumental) / None


Pausing in Story Mode brings out this menu:

ゲームにもどる – Return to game

はじめから – Restart

ステージセレクト – Stage Select

BGM うた / おんがく / なし = Song (Vocal) / Music (Instrumental) / None


Lup★Salad is available on PSN for $5.99. Here are some codes to download Lup★Salad and GungHo Online Entertainment’s other PsOne imports. Enjoy and please let us know if you used the codes in the comments. Thanks!



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