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How To Play Senran Kagura: Portrait Of Girls



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Over on the Senran Kagura blog producer Kenichiro Takaki explains the game’s basic controls on the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s a quick rundown of which buttons do what:

Y – Weak Attack

X – Strong Attack

B – Jump

A – Dash


The A button is also used for aerial pursuits. After you launch an enemy in the air, press A at the right time and you can do a homing attack and continue an assault in the sky. It’s also possible to use this move to dive in and surprise enemies. Takaki says its possible to cancel jumps and dashes into attacks. It’s even possible to cancel special attacks with the A, B, X or Y buttons.


Pressing X + Y at the same time is for secret ninja arts and each ninja in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls has her own special attacks.


Asuka: Nitou Ryouzan 


Ikagura: Hienhousen Ichishiki 


Katsuragi: Tornado Spindle 


Yagyuu: Nagiharau Ashi 


Hibari: Nintoden Boom 

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