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How to Process Zonaite in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A screenshot of the Forge Construct in Tears of the Kingdom.
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Link can create a variety of unique vehicles in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to help him traverse the sky and land. However, you should increase your battery size if you don’t want to end up stranded in the middle of the Gerudo Desert without power. Here’s how to process Zonaite in Tears of the Kingdom.

How do I process Zonaite in Tears of the Kingdom?

Although Zonaite was introduced during the tutorial on Great Sky Island, it’s easy to miss what it is used for. I know I forgot about the chunks of rock after rushing to dive down to Hyrule. The precious metal is actually really important, though, as it can be traded for some pivotal upgrades.

To process Zonaite, you must return to the Forge Construct on the Great Sky Island. The quickest way to get there is to warp to the Nachoyah Shrine fast travel point on the south island next to Mining Cave. After entering the cave, you can trade two Zonaite for a Zonai Charge or three Zonaite for a Crystallized Charge by interacting with the tables next to the friendly Construct.

The exact location is on the map I’ve provided below:

The Forge Construct map location in Tears of the Kingdom.

Screenshot by Siliconera

How do I use Zonaite at the Crystal Refinery in Tears of the Kingdom?

After processing your Zonaite into a Crystallized Charge at the Forge Construct, you can then trade 100 of them for an Energy Well at the Crystal Refinery. This is essentially a second battery charge upgrade for Link, which means you can ride your makeshift monster trucks across Hyrule Field.

You can access the first refinery on Great Sky Island just outside of the Room of Awakening. The Construct can be directly warped to using the Nachoyah Shrine fast travel point. But if you don’t feel like going all the way back to the tutorial area, you are in luck! There is a second Crystal Refinery in Hyrule, just outside the north Lookout Landing exit.

The exact location for both refiners is shown in the following screenshots:

While 100 Zonaite seems like a tall task to upgrade your battery, you can farm many of them quickly by starting the Camera Work in the Depths quest. After finding Captain Hoz at Hyrule Castle, you obtain the mission when speaking to Purah at Lookout Landing. Once you access the Depths map via the Hyrule Field Chasm, Zonaite can be found throughout the underground map. Then head back to a Forge Construct to process Zonaite in Tears of the Kingdom to use it!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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