How to Re-Roll Item Passives in Diablo IV

Like in Diablo III, players can elect to re-roll item passives in Diablo IV. This is done by speaking to the Occultist in Kyovashad or any city that features this kind of NPC. The Occultist in Diablo IV has a plethora of uses, which includes both Extracting and Imprinting Aspects onto gear, but it can also allow you to re-roll item passives. The specific tab you need to navigate to in order to obtain new passives is the “Enchant Item” option.

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You can find the location of the Occultist in Kyovashad, the first major city in Diablo IV, below.

Diablo IV Re-Roll Passives

Simply place the item you wish to change a passive on into the appropriate slot and you can re-roll the selected slot at random. This will, however, bind the item to your account. That means you will not be able to trade it to other players. Also, you can only choose to re-roll a single passive on an item. This means that you cannot change all of the passive stats on an item and instead can only pick one. This passive can be re-rolled an infinite amount of times, but will cost significantly more gold every time you choose to enchant.

Diablo IV Re-Roll Passives Enchant Items

The first re-roll will cost a little above 1,000 gold and specific materials depending on the rarity of the item. For example, Rare items will only require gold and a Veiled Crystal, which can be obtained through side quests, or by salvaging gear. However, re-rolling passives on Legendary gear in Diablo IV will cost gold, a Veiled Crystal, and Fiend Roses. Fiend Roses are exceptionally rare, so it’s advised that you take this into consideration before re-rolling any passive through Enchanting the item.

Diablo IV is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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