How to Recruit and Scout Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures recruitment

How to Recruit and Scout Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures

Part of the fun of Dragon Quest Treasures is getting the chance to scout, then recruit, new monsters for your party. (It seems like something we’ve been doing a lot of this year.) “Catching” a new one for your team isn’t as simple as tossing a ball at one after weakening the creature. However, it’s still rather easy to bolster your forces via recruitment in Dragon Quest Treasures.

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How to Recruit and Scout Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures recruitment

How to Scout Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Honestly, you can end up drawing recruits just by fighting monsters as normal in Dragon Quest Treasures. When you fight any monster in a standard encounter, there’s a chance they might like you enough to show up at the Trans-Draconic Railway hub. You’ll see a notification on the right side of your screen after the battle saying the character you fought “has been scouted.”

However, there is a way to try and improve the odds. One of the pellets for your screenshot is called the Buddy Bullet. Mr. Euston will give you a few to complete an orc recruiting quest that is part of the Mutual Cooperation main quest. However, you can also find these items outside of this initial gift. For example, the Station Shop’s Pellets section will sell them for 500G each. These don’t guarantee a monster will be scouted after a fight. They do increase the odds, though.

How to Recruit and Scout Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures recruitment

How to Recruit Monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures.

This part involves a bit of gathering and a trip back to your Trans-Draconic Railway base. Once you’ve gotten enough scouting notifications or need to drop off treasure at your hub, you can check in with Miss Cecily. She is the pink suit of Lethal Armor in the main building. When you speak with her, you can see all of the candidates and the “fee” required to add them to your team. This could be money or an item. The game will let you know if you can recruit with a “Fee Ready” notice below a monster’s portrait. The portrait also shows their level, and it is possible to check for more information. If you don’t like a candidate, you can decline them with the minus button. If you like a possible recruit, but don’t have the items for the fee yet, you can use the plus button to “keep” them around for when you do.

Dragon Quest Treasures is available on the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

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