How to Recruit Isha in Eiyuden Chronicle
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How to Recruit Isha in Eiyuden Chronicle

Remember Isha from Eiyuden Chronicle Rising? You can recruit her in Eiyuden Chronicle too, though she makes you fill up a stamp card by doing things like finding a lost cat and Cockatrice egg first.

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How do I recruit Isha in Eiyuden Chronicle?

First, you need to be at the point where you’ve finished the Euchrisse region missions and are heading to The Sandy Sea in the game. If you are, then fast travel over to Eltisweiss. Head to the fountain in the southeast corner of town. Isha will be standing in front of it, and doing so will trigger an event scene. 

Isha will ask you to find a missing cat. It’s still in Eltisweiss, so need to worry about leaving. Head to the fountain at the southwest corner of town. In the corner is the last cat, Yam. Talk to it, then head back to Isha.

Next, Isha will explain to you about the stamp card system, give you a card, and explain your next task. She needs a cockatrice egg. Nowa and her will talk about how they can be found at the Mountain Path Homeward dungeon location in Grum County. 

Now, you aren’t looking for a treasure chest and don’t need to try and endlessly battle the Cockatrice (hatchling) enemies to get an egg to drop in Eiyuden Chronicle. Rather, you need to wander around the Mountain Path Homeward area until a random battle against a Cockatrice (adult) happens. When it does, there will be a treasure chest gimmick. You need to have one of your allies open that chest before the fight ends to get the egg.

Here’s how that enemy looks, for future reference, so you know how to find a Cockatrice Egg in Eiyuden Chronicle.

Go back to Isha with the Cockatrice Egg in Eiyuden Chronicle. She’ll set you up with another task. This one is easy. You need to take a package she gives you to the Tool Shopkeeper in Arenside. Fast travel over there. Walk up to the building that contains the inn and item shop. Talk to the Tool Shopkeeper, and you’ll automatically give the item to the vendor.

Head back to Isha one last time. She’ll finally agree to join the party.

Is Isha good in Eiyuden Chronicle?

Isha is pretty good! She joins at level 23. I sort of feel like she’s the person you use in Eiyuden Chronicle if you don’t like Francesca. That’s because in some ways, you might consider her an upgrade. 

Isha has the same Healing Drops, Water Veil, and Recovery Wave healing and supportive skills. However, she has a Return Magic defense command that counters magic attacks, which is really fun. She also comes with Rune of Magic and Rune of Resistance Enhanced Skills to increase her magic and magic defense. Since her weapon has a long range, you can keep her in the back too.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is available on the Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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