how to recruit and romance Sarah Morgan Starfield
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How to Recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Starfield is full of companions and intriguing characters for you to recruit your team, with more than 20 available. Of the available party members, one of the first you can recruit in the story is Sarah Morgan. Here’s what you need to do to recruit Sarah Morgan for your ship in Starfield.

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How to Recruit Sarah in Starfield

Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation and one of the first characters you meet in the main story of Starfield. To eventually recruit her, you’ll first start by beating the prologue and visiting the Constellation Lodge on New Atlantis.

In the first major quest for Constellation called “The Old Neighborhood,” Sarah will offer to be your temporary companion. At this point, she is the only companion you can have, but she isn’t permanent until you complete her quest. Once you do, she will offer to join your crew.

You’ll want to reach this point in the story as soon as possible. For one, having Sarah as your forced companion means you miss out on everyone else. In addition, she is unable to be a crew member on your ship or someone who works at one of your outposts until she permanently joins your team.

If you want to benefit from her strong skills, which suit themselves well to both being on an outpost or your ship, you’ll need to complete “The Old Neighborhood” as soon as you can.

Also not only can you recruit Sarah Morgan in Starfield, but you can romance her as well. I suggest taking her with you often and she’ll occasionally want to chat with you. If she approves of your actions, you’ll often have the chance to flirt with her and even unlock her own side quest storyline.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X and PC.

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