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How to Romance Characters in SunnySide

SunnySide is a complex farming sim RPG with plenty of features in it, including a robust romance system. Romance works differently in this game from other similar titles, especially with how exclusive it can feel at times.

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How to romance characters and all gender preferences SunnySide
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How to Romance Residents

How you go about romancing the residents of SunnySide falls into two distinct areas: hangouts and gifts. Once you progress far enough in the main story, the game will give you a tutorial about hangouts. This is where you invite someone to a certain location to spend time with them.

In general, each character has a particular place(s) that they like to hang out more, such as the movie theater or going for a walk. In addition, they have gift preferences, too. The goal is to figure out what each person likes or loves and keep grinding that same hangout spot or gift item for them.

As you do this, you will unlock new events for the character. There are five romance events for each character. You are able to date multiple characters at once, but once you near the end of a character’s romance story, they will require you to be exclusive. So, you’ll want to carefully pick who you wish to be your permanent partner.

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All Romanceable Characters and Gender Preferences Explained

There are 25 romanceable characters in total in SunnySide for players to get on an intimate level. The tricky part is you aren’t able to romance everyone with your character. Each character has a particular gender or gender expression, such as feminine or masculine, they prefer. If you are masculine and want to date someone like Hanako who likes feminine people, for example, that won’t be possible.

It also isn’t possible to change your gender expression at this time. As such, it is worth checking to see what gender expressions the character(s) you’re interested in are attracted to before starting the game. It works like this: feminine is on a scale of -10 to -1, non-binary is 0, and masculine is on a scale of 1-10. Someone might like characters who are -10 feminine, 0 non-binary, 1-8 masculine, and so on. Here are all of the gender expression preferences for all 25 characters in SunnySide so far based on Discord findings (subject to change as the game is updated):

  • Allen Ritz: Prefers -10, -2 to 10
  • Anahita Watanabe: Likes -10 to -9 and -2 to 7
  • Blake Ortiz: -2 to 6
  • Fuyukaze Obeng: -7 to -2
  • Gabriel Reed: -8 to -1
  • Hideyo Yamaguchi: -10 to -5
  • Hanako Ishikawa: -10 to -3
  • Hiro Iwasaki: -10 to 10 (yes everyone can romance)
  • Josh Newcomb: -7 to 3
  • Kaida Amaya: 1 to 9
  • Katherine Takahashi: -10 to -9 and 2 to 7
  • Kyle Sylvester: -6 to 2
  • Lucy Reed: -1 to 6
  • Mayumi Okada: 3 to 10
  • Melody Barrett: -10 to 10
  • Natalie Takahashi: 3 to 9
  • Parsa Watanabe: 2 to 10
  • Ryan Mezacoo: -10 to 10
  • Ryozo Hara: -10 to -4 and 1 to 5
  • Sebastian Nakamura: -8 to 1
  • Stephanie Obeng: -7 to 5
  • Yukio Yamaguchi: -10 to -5 and 6 to 10
  • Yumma Shibata: -10 to -1
  • Zander Wyatt: -8 to -2

Can You Get Married in SunnySide?

While dating and romance is available in SunnySide, the sad part is, no, marriage is not available in this game at this time. Since it is in early access, there is a chance it could change in the future but for now, there is no way to marry your partner in-game.

SunnySide is available right now in early access for PC.

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