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How to See the Like a Dragon: Ishin ‘Ee Ja Nai Ka’ Substories


In Like a Dragon: Ishin, the substories side quests are introduced in chapter two after Ryoma Sakamoto comes to Kyo via number 47: Ee Ja Nai Ka. Not long after visiting the shrine for the first time and learning about Virtue, he’ll happen upon a group of people blocking the road in the northwest corner of Fushimi. However, this is one of a series of substories all involving the form of social protest being used in both correct and incorrect ways.

How to See the Like a Dragon: Ishin 'Ee Ja Nai Ka' Substories

Substories #47: Ee Ja Nai Ka in Like a Dragon: Ishin

This one is fairly simple. Heading north from the first shrine in Like a Dragon: Ishin, you’ll see an unavoidable crowd outside of Yashikimachi in northwest Fushimi. Walking up to them will cause Ryoma to interact with them. You’ll then need to fight a particularly disrespectful member of the group.

Yakuza Substory

Substories #22: Ee Ja Not Ka in Like a Dragon: Ishin

This one you can happen upon in chapter four of Like a Dragon: Ishin, provided you completed the previous quest. Head to the northeast from the Blacksmith in Rakugai. (It triggered for me after finishing The Spitfire Debt Collector.) Head right down the sidestreets toward the bar, and Ryoma will start hearing “Ee ja nai ka” again. When you walk toward that direction, you’ll see an old woman on the ground who was knocked out of the way by the dancers. You’ll then take part in a fight against the dancers who knocked her down. This will end that substory.

How to See the Like a Dragon: Ishin 'Ee Ja Nai Ka' Substories

Substories #7: Ee Ja Nai for Justice in Like a Dragon: Ishin

After you completed substory 22, you can take part in Ee Ja Nai for Justice. This sees Ryoma happening upon a group of dancers protesting a corrupt official. It’s on Shinmeicho street in Rakunai, again near the Blacksmith. After the politician tells his guards to attack the crowd, Ryoma steps in. Defeating the battle ends the quest.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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