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How to Set Up Orbments in Trails through Daybreak

The Orbment system in Trails games is the center of character customization. While Trails through Daybreak has a more straightforward Orbment system than most past games, it’s still got plenty of flexibility and strategy.

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Setting up Orbments in Trails through Daybreak is a crucial part of maximizing your characters’ potential. Here’s a breakdown of how to effectively configure your Orbments to get the most out of your characters.

Making the most of your Orbments and shards in Trails through Daybreak

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Each character has an Orbment with slots where you can insert shards. Shards provide stat increases or other passive abilities, enhancing your character’s performance. For example, a Mind 1 shard grants a +6 ATS (Magic Damage) boost.

Every shard also has an elemental quality. Placing shards in the right configuration within a line on the Orbment unlocks additional bonuses known as shard skills. Each row of your Orbment has specific thresholds that, when met, activate these skills. For instance, placing shards like Attack 1, a fire element shard, in the attack line can unlock a shard skill that adds fire damage to your attacks.

Strategically placing your shards involves considering both the immediate stat bonuses and the potential shard skills you can unlock. For example, focusing on placing shards with fire elements in a single row can grant powerful fire-related shard skills, which could benefit against a boss weak to fire. This approach allows you to tailor each character’s abilities to fit the needs of your party.

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Setting up Orbments effectively requires a balance of immediate benefits of the shards and long-term strategy of the shard skills. By understanding this balance, you can fully utilize the Orbment system to strengthen your party and face anything Trails through Daybreak throws at you.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak is available on the PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC.

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