How to Solve ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ in Final Fantasy XVI
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How to Solve ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ in Final Fantasy XVI

After a certain point in Final Fantasy XVI, you may notice Blackthorne the blacksmith isn’t coming up as often with new recipes and a “Blacksmith’s Blues” sidequest is available. This quest also acts as a design drafts tutorial, which helps you open up new recipes. It’s a mission tied to a mark, and completing it puts your ally in a better and more productive mood. However, Dozmare the griffin might be a bit challenging to find in Final Fantasy XVI, so here’s exactly where to go.

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How to Solve ‘Blacksmith’s Blues’ in Final Fantasy XVI

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How to find Dozmare the griffin and solve “Blacksmith’s Blues” in Final Fantasy XVI

The first parts of this quest are straightforward. While at the hideaway’s pub, you’ll find someone concerned about Blackthorne. After taking “Blacksmith’s Blues,” go talk to Blackthorne. He’ll lament missing a chance to get an exceptional cuirass from Charon and is questioning his talent. Go talk to Charon, and she’ll mention a leatherworker made it. However, that person also went to go find a griffin in the area.

Head to Nektar the moogle’s Hunt Board. There will be a special option to “ask about griffin sightings.” There will be one on the board for the B-rank mark Dozmare at Caer Norvent West Gate, Sanbreque. Bring up the world map from the main menu and chose Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate. Now, the gate being talked about here is Caer Norvent River Gate, so teleport to the Lostwing Obelisk and go there.

Here’s a gallery showing the exact place to go.

A cutscene will automatically trigger when Clive gets close, where he’ll remark about griffins. Closer to the gate, Dozmare will appear in Final Fantasy XVI with all the usual Mark imagery and the map will now show this is part of the “Blacksmith’s Blues” quest. This is a level 28 fight, and it was a bit of a challenge for me when I approached it at level 26. For winning, you’ll get a meteorite, a scarletite, 20 renown, 8,500 gil, 55 AP, and 650 EXP. You’ll find the Wounded Tanner nearby. He’ll give you some treated leather to give to Blackthorne.

Once things are done, you’ll get a Drakeslayer’s Belt Design Draft, 250 EXP, and 10 renown. To make that new belt, you’ll need a dragon talon, electrum, 20 briar clam shells, and a scarletite. Also, this is only part one of the errands to assist Blackthorne. It’s a multipart affair!

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PlayStation 5. There is a six-month exclusivity period.

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