Fae Farm Skies of Azoria
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How to Start the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC

The latest DLC instalment for Fae Farm has now arrived for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Fae Farm Skies of Azoria brings a bunch of new content to the game, including quests, character customization options and even new wings. But you may be wondering how to install the new DLC or how to start the new update in-game. No worries! We have your back and will cover all you need to know before jumping into the new DLC.

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How do I download the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC?

Now, this will differ depending on what platform you’re playing on. If you purchased the Deluxe edition on PC or the Switch version, you only need to update the game to the latest version, and the new content will be accessible. This would be the 3.0.0 version on the Nintendo Switch.

However, if you bought the standard edition of the game, Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC will be an entirely separate add-on. You can purchase this content either through the “Add-On Content” option on the menu screen in Fae Farm or through the respective platform store. On Steam, Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC costs $14.99.

Fae Farm Skies of Azoria
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How do I start the Fae Farm Skies of Azoria DLC?

Each questline for Fae Farm Skies of Azoria will require you to reach a certain point in the game, and these are broken into three primary acts. To activate the first act, you must reach Chapter Four and complete the “Journey to the Other Side” quest, where you help the Wisp Mother reopen the gate. After completing the quest in question, you will have to wait until one full in-game day for the Skies of Azoria questline to begin.

One thing worth noting is that the other two acts will be opened after you complete Chapters 6 and 8, and like previously, one full in-game day will need to pass for the questline to activate. A few in-game days should prompt the next act if you have already passed these chapters.

When you start the new in-game day, you will get mail from an individual called Kestrel in the mailbox outside of your house. Their letter says their land needs your help and includes some magic beans so you can grow a beanstalk and reach this sparkly new land. The quest “New Friend in the Clouds” will then start.

For this quest, you will need to plant the magical beans you got from the mail. The place where you plant the beans will be up north of your home (which is pretty much the area behind your house). There will be a mysterious-looking puddle where you will need to plant your magical beans.

From there, you will need to water this plant for three in-game days for it to grow fully. If you want to speed up this process, you could just water the beanstalk and immediately go to bed and start a new day. After it’s fully sprouted out, you can climb up the beanstalk, talk to Kestrel, who will be at the entrance, and redeem the quest.

Fae Farm and the Skies of Azoria DLC are available now the Switch and PC

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