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How to Unlock Rowan and Pocket in Boyfriend Dungeon

boyfriend dungeon unlock rowan pocket

In Boyfriend Dungeon, many of the love interests are ones that show up rather swiftly. For example, Isaac is the very first romance option you’ll meet, and he accompanies you through the tutorial. Sunder is the first weapon-person you find in a dungeon and, again, you discover him during the tutorial as well. Others, like Sawyer, Seven, and Valeria, show up as you go through the Verona Beach Mall dunj. But when it comes time to unlock someone like Rowan or Pocket in Boyfriend Dungeon, it can take a bit more time.

Someone will unlock Rowan and Pocket after playing a substantial amount of Boyfriend Dungeon. In both cases generally, you’ll likely have to wait until after Jesse’s backyard barbeque.

boyfriend dungeon how to unlock pocket

In order to get Pocket as a potential partner, you’ll have to unlocked Boyfriend Dungeon’s second dunj. It shows up in the basement of Sunder and Mandy’s club, La Rosa. You won’t have to venture too far inside to find the cat. The brass knuckles/feline will be found on the second floor of this dunj. After you rescue the kitty, you’ll get a text from his owner. You can then start fighting alongside and befriending Pocket.

boyfriend dungeon how to unlock rowan

As for how to unlock Rowan in Boyfriend Dungeon, all you have to do is wander around the road north of town after attending Jesse’s BBQ and texting with your “cousin.” The mansion will turn into a place you can visit with a mystery person there. That’s Rowan. You then need to waste a few “days” by going to the dunj, going on dates, or even leaving and exiting your apartment. Rowan will slide a note under your door, which can lead to you getting their number and unlocking them as a potential partner.

When it comes to the last two characters, which are the Kickstarter stretch goal people Jonah and Leah, they aren’t available to fight alongside and date just yet. (However, keep your eyes open for a cameo appearance.)

Boyfriend Dungeon is available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It is also on Xbox Game Pass.

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