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How To Unlock The Powerful Sage And Mighty Gladiator Classes In Dragon Quest X



Sage and Gladiator classes have always been some of the most powerful advanced classes in Dragon Quest games. These two powerful classes have been introduced in Dragon Quest X’s meaty 1.3 content update.




The Sage class is known for having high MP capacity to go with many versatile spells. As they level up, Sages learn various offensive and supportive spells which can be of critical help for the entire party.


Their weapon of choice are boomerangs and bows, which can be used to hit enemies from a distance.


Basic spells: Midheal, Multiheal, Squelch, Zing, Zammle, Boom

Class Skill: Spiritual Awakening

Weapon types: Staff, Boomerang, Bow


Here’s a look at some skills that can be learned by Sages.



Healing Rain: Provides the party with blessed rain, which steadily heals the entire party’s HP.



Caster Sugar: Temporarily boosts magical mending and magical might.



In order to unlock the Sage class, you must visit the Dorwarm Crystal Palace and accept the quest from Teeza. The quest involves defeating monsters that only appear during the night.




The Gladiator class boasts superior power from their trained bodies. They specialize in using heavy weaponry and are the only class capable of dual wielding weapons.


Their Class Skill, Clap Trap, provides Gladiators with various abilities to fight close-ranged battles while taking little damage. They’re based used as tanks in a group of players.


Basic Spells: None

Class Skill: Clap Trap

Weapon Types: One-handed sword, Two-handed sword, Hammer


Here are a couple skills available for Gladiators:



Double Up: Increases attack at the cost of defense.



Unparalleled: Swiftly attacks enemy with 6 consecutive strikes.



In order to unlock the Gladiator class, you’ll be required to visit a colosseum located at the entertainment island, Rakkaran. After talking to Jakov, he’ll send you out on the quest which will require defeating certain monsters who’ve been affected by condition effects.


Dragon Quest X is currently available on Wii and slated to be released on March 30th for Wii U.

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