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How to Update Among Us

InnerSloth often comes out with new, free updates for Among Us. The massive game often expands with new maps, cosmetics, and even roles for players to play as. When it comes to new updates for Among Us, here is what you need to know about how to do so across the mobile, console, and PC versions, since it varies depending on where you picked up the game.

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How to update Among Us
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How do I update Among Us on consoles and PCs?

When it comes to new updates for this online deduction multiplayer game, such as for new roles like the Phantom, it works a bit differently depending on your platform and where you bought it. Fortunately, if you have updated your games on your platform of choice before, it should be a simple process for you.

Here is how you can update the game on all console and PC platforms, such as Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC:

  • Nintendo Switch: Press the “+” button on the game in the home menu and select to search for a new patch.
  • PlayStation (PS4 and PS5): Press the Options button and check for an patch.
  • PC: Go to the game in your Steam or Epic Games library and check for an update. Alternatively, check your download queue, as it may already be automatically updating. If you purchased it from, you may need to download the game again.
  • Xbox: Press the Menu button and check for a patch. Or head to your queue and see if it is already updating automatically.
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How do I update on Android and iOS devices?

When it comes to patching Among Us on Android and iOS, mobile players will need to handle this situation a bit differently than the other platforms. There is a chance the game will automatically patch for you. However, if you don’t have this option enabled, it may not happen.

In that case, you need to head to your app location of choice, such as Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS. There, look at your downloaded apps and the game will show you if there is an available patch. Then you just need to download it and you’re good to go.

Among Us is available right now for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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