How to Expand Your Bag in Fae Farm
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How to Upgrade Your Bag in Fae Farm

In Fae Farm, there are tons of items for players to collect. You’re going to need space to keep that collection on hand. Luckily, each player will have access to a bag at the start of the game that is referred to as their inventory. However, there’s a limited amount of space at the start. Thankfully, you can gradually upgrade the bag in Fae Farm to allow you to carry more items.

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How can I upgrade my bag in Fae Farm?

At the start of Fae Farm, you will have 16 slots in your inventory to fill with the items you collect. By pressing the up button on your Nintendo Switch or opening the inventory on PC, you’ll notice there are three locked rows in your inventory. This means you have the option of upgrading your bag three times to gain a grand total of 40 inventory slots.

What you want to do is go to the Town Center’s market square. Run on over there and talk to Skye. She’s the lady with purple hair that sells handy items in her general goods store. She’ll be stationed at the top left, right next to the shop stand with the striped blue banner and next to the tables where you can sell goods.

How to Expand Your Bag in Fae Farm

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If you select the second option to open her shop, you’ll find that the inventory upgrade is the first available item on the shop inventory list. These inventory upgrades aren’t available for free. They’re going to cost you. Money makes money, as the NPCs of this game say. Conveniently, the market is directly next to Skye, so you can sell the various fish, critters, and items you’ve collected so far to make some extra gold florin.

How to Expand Your Bag in Fae Farm

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Once you have enough money, you’ll be able to purchase the inventory upgrades from Skye’s shop. As soon as you purchase one upgrade, the next will become available to you. The second upgrade will cost you 2,500 gold florin, while the third takes 8,000. So, take your time earning the money to pay for these.

Fae Farm is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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