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How to Use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well

If you're wondering how to get and use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well, it's as easy as tossing things in, fighting, then returning.

So Fire Emblem Engage added an Ancient Well feature in the 1.3.0 update, and it essentially lets you swap existing weapons for new ones. What will you get? Nobody knows! There’s a tier system at play, but there’s no guarantee about what you might find waiting for you. So if you’re curious to see what you might collect after battles, here’s how to use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well.

How to Use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well

How to Unlock the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well

This part is very easy.

First, update your game to 1.3.0 or higher.

After that, you need to get to chapter seven in the story. If you’re at that point, visit Durthon at The Somniel’s Armory. He’ll mention losing a weapon down a well there. You’ll find that in the Training Yard area near the Wyvern Ride minigame.

Checking it will get you a Represailles polearm and Revanche axe.

Return to Durthon. He’ll let you keep both weapons. You can now use the Ancient Well whenever you’d like.

How to Use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well

How to Use the Fire Emblem Engage Ancient Well

If you approach the Ancient Well, you can toss up to five items into it. Anything goes. These can be weapons and consumables. However, some more important weapons can’t be tossed in there.

As you add items, the “Upgrade Chance” gauge at the bottom will fill. The more stars, the higher the chance you’ll get upgraded, better weapons.

Go fight one battle after dropping in the items. It could be a story, DLC, or skirmish fight. When you return, you’ll be given new items. These could include “joke” weapons shaped like food that can also be “eaten” by a character to restore their health.

To give an example of what might happen, my first time I tossed in two Silver Swords, a Silver Axe, a Silver-Spirit Art, and a Silver Lance. That filled up the “Upgrade Chance” gauge completely. I ended up getting a Novice Book, a Confectioknife, a Biting Blade, and a Scrollcake.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch. The Veronica and Chrom/Robin DLC is out now.

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