Moonstone Island Fishing Guide
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How to Use the Fishing Rod in Moonstone Island

Fishing in Moonstone Island is the main way to obtain Fish, which offer stamina boosting properties or can be sold to increase your Coins. However, fishing works in a slightly different way than similar games in the genre.

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How do I start fishing in Moonstone Island?

In order to start fishing in Moonstone Island, you’ll need to buy a Fishing Rod from Tobin. It costs 200 Coins and can be obtained early in the game. It acts like many other tools in the game, as it can be placed on the Tool Wheel (Q key or the left trigger button on controller) and equipped at any time.

To use the Fishing Rod, you’ll need to equip it and use it near a body of water. Hold down the use button to adjust how far in the water you’d like to cast your line, then let go to send it out. After some time, a fish will bite, indicated by an exclamation mark above your character’s head.

To catch a fish, you need to complete a mini-game. A circular window will open showing a fish swimming around. There is also a ring you can move around. Follow the fish with this ring, keeping it inside as much as possible. As long as the fish is inside the ring, a bar will fill up around the frame. If the bar makes a full circle, you catch the fish.

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How do I improve my Fishing skill in Moonstone Island?

Tobin doesn’t just buy fish from you or sell you the Fishing Rod. He can also offer Lures that improve your fishing ability.

Here is what each of Tobin’s lures can do:

  • Big Hook (10 Coins) – increases the size of the targeting ring
  • Drowzy Dangler (10 Coins)
  • Swift Hook (10 Coins)
  • Rare Fish Lure (500 Coins)
  • Mythical Fish Lure (1000 Coins)

In order to use a Lure, you’ll need to select it from your inventory with the Fishing Rod equipped. Once equipped, its effect will apply the next time you fish. This will also use up the Lure, removing it from your inventory and returning your fishing ability to normal. Multiple lures can be equipped at the same time.

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What kinds of fish can I catch in Moonstone Island?

The fish you can obtain in Moonstone Island depend on which island you’re fishing on. Each of the different biomes offers its own fish types. Here is what you can find on each island type:

  • Earth Islands: Bunnyfish, Ringfish, Sisyfish, Zenfish
  • Water Islands: Flyingfish, Jewelfish, Moonfish, Pizzafish
  • Poison Islands: Blobfish, Fangfish, Spinefish
  • Electric Islands: Joltfish, Lightning Eel, Sparkstar
  • Fire Islands: Cinderfish, Steelfish, Tigerfish
  • Dark Islands: Eyefish, Meanfish, Voidfish

You can also occasionally catch an Old Boot from multiple island types. This junk item has a negative effect on your stamina if used and sells for a small amount.

Moonstone Island is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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