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How to Watch & Read the Chainsaw Man Manga and Anime

Manga artist Tatsuki Fujimoto first envisioned the Chainsaw Man manga back in 2018. It came hot on the heels of Fujimoto’s first serialized work, Fire Punch, which was published on the Shōnen Jump+ magazine. Almost a year later, Chainsaw Man was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. In 2022, Chainsaw Man received an anime adaptation. Whether you’re looking to start the Chainsaw Man anime and manga for the first time or simply find yourself itching for a rewatch/read, here’s where to watch the anime or read the manga chapters online.

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Where to Watch the Chainsaw Man Anime

Thankfully, if you’re more of a viewer than a reader, the Chainsaw Man anime is easily accessible outside of Japan. The most popular options for streaming any anime, but specifically Chainsaw Man, would be Hulu, Prime Video, Apple TV, or Crunchyroll — the latter being the most favorable and flexible. With Crunchyroll, you can choose between dubbed and subbed streams, download videos for offline viewing, and save any anime in your watchlist for a later date.

Chainsaw Man Manga

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Where to Read the Chainsaw Man Manga

It is worth noting that the Chainsaw Man manga is totally free to read on the MANGA Plus website and app by Shueisha, but there’s a small catch; you are only able to read each chapter of the manga series once without paying. Any re-reads are going to run you $1.99 a month, which is honestly worth every cent.

Another viable option is Viz Media, the hub of all anime and manga, which offers an extensive manga library from $2.99 a month. You can read the first three and three most recent chapters of the manga on the company’s website online. There’s even a dedicated app for Shonen Jump, available on the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Additionally, Viz Media releases physical copies of the Chainsaw Man manga, available to purchase in paperback form on sites such as Amazon as well as your local bookstore (i.e. Barnes & Noble).

And there’s everything you need to prepare yourself for the second season and continuation of the Chainsaw Man anime and manga in the near-distant future — hopefully.

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