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How to Watch the Naruto Anime Without Filler Arcs

The Naruto anime involves a labyrinth of canon and filler episodes that can be hard to navigate when streaming it. During the show’s initial run from 2002-2017, animators routinely caught up to the weekly Shonen Jump manga of the same title. Studio Pierrot, the studio behind the anime adaptation, filled it with stories that spanned months to keep a distance from the manga. The studio even combined filler and canon into one episode to compensate for this. As such, many episodes of the long running anime require you to watch filler in some capacity. The guide below will show you how to watch as much Naruto with as little unnecessary filler as possible.

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Naruto canon episodes to watch

EpisodesArc/Episodes Title
1-19The Land of Waves Arc
20-67The Chunin Exams
68-80Konoha Crush Arc
81-100Search for Tsunade Arc
107-135Sasuke Recovery Mission
141*“Sakura’s Determination”
*Parts of episodes 141 and 220 contain content that shouldn’t be skipped.
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Which parts of the Naruto filler episodes 141 and 220 should I watch?

Episode 141, “Sakura’s Determination,” is an episode that should only be watched in part. From 20:10-21:11, Sakura makes a decision that involves her character development in Naruto Shippuden.

Episode 220, “Departure,” is similar to episode 141. Both episodes are a part of filler arcs that you should partially watch. 12:19-21:17 marks a canon moment in which Naruto leaves the Hidden Leaf Village to train with Jiraiya.

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Naruto Shippuden canon episodes to watch

1-32 (221- 252)Kazekage Rescue
33-53 (253-252)Long-Awaited Reunion
54-56(274-276)*Guardian Shinobi Twelve
72-88(292-308)Immortal Devastators: Hidan And Kakuzu
89-90(309-310)*Three-Tails’ Appearance
113-143(333-363)Master’s Prophecy and Vengeance
152-175(372-395)**Two Saviors
197-221(417-441)The Five Kage Summit
222(442)“The Five Kage’s Decision”
243-275(463-495)**Nine-Tails Taming and Karmic Encounters
276-289(496-509)**The Seven Ninja Swordsmen
296-320(516-540)**The Great Ninja War: Assailants From Afar
321-348(541-568)**The Great Ninja War: Sasuke and Itachi
362-372(582-592)The Great Ninja War: Team 7 Returns
373-393(593-613)**The Great Ninja War: Obito Uchiha
414-431(634-651)**Infinite Tsukuyomi: The Invocation
451-458(671-678)Itachi’s Story:Daylight/Midnight
459-469(679-689)*The Origins of Ninshu: The Two Souls, Indra And Ashura
470-479(690-699)Naruto and Sasuke
484-488(704-708)Sasuke Shinden:Book of Sunrise
489-493(709-713)Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkness
494-500(714-720)The Perfect Day For a Wedding
* Filler arcs that contain episodes with canon content.
** Canon arcs that contain episodes with filler content.
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Naruto Shippuden filler episodes to skip

Naruto Shippuden is a bit murky when it comes to filler and canon episodes. Compared to Naruto, more filler arcs contain canon episodes. In Naruto Shippuden, here is a list of filler episodes to skip that are a part of canon.

EpisodesArc/Episodes Names
257-260(477-480)Nine-Tails Taming and Karmic Encounters (filler)
271(591)Road to Sakura
279-281(499-501)The Seven Ninja Swordsmen(filler)
284-289(504-509)The Seven Ninja Swordsmen(filler)
376-377(596-597)The Great Ninja War: Obito Uchiha(filler)
388-390(608-610)The Great Ninja War: Obito Uchiha(filler)
416-417(636-637)Infinite Tsukuyomi: The Invocation
422-423(642-643)Infinite Tsukuyomi: The Invocation
427-431(647-651)Infinite Tsukuyomi: The Invocation
464-468(684-688)The Origins of Ninshu: The Two Souls, Indra And Ashura(filler)

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Where do I watch the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime?

While Naruto is accessible to watch on YouTube, Tubi and other free streaming sites, Crunchyroll has all 720 episodes to watch. You can subscribe to the Crunchyroll Premium tier to gain access to more than just Naruto. If you want to read Naruto, Viz Media distributes the manga outside Japan.

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