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How You’ll Fight Monsters, Get Loot, And Explore Dungeons In Ray Gigant



We previously got a look at how to play Demon Gaze makers Experience’s new dungeon crawler, Ray Gigant. The official website has been updated with a summary on how you’ll take on dungeons in the game.



In Ray Gigant, dungeons are called “Megalo Sites”. As you travel through the dungeons, you’ll fight against monsters known as the “Gigant,” acquire Resource (upgrade items,) solve puzzles, take part in events, and fight bosses.


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While you won’t be able to see the entire map, the game will indicate the position of all the Gigant and Resource items from the very beginning, so you can get a good idea on how to strategize your way around and fight accordingly.


This will be handy in knowing where the objective area is, so you won’t need to walk in circles looking for the right place, avoiding strong enemies and taking alternate routes when necessary, or when treasures are worth going for in your given situation.


Finding your way around these Megalo Site dungeons while knowing what you’re up against or what you’re looking for is one of the key features of Ray Gigant; however, sometimes you’ll be forced to fight some tough monsters.



Enemies are indicated by the “E” marker on the map and skulls with horns on the field. The blue skulls are easy kills, while the yellow ones are more difficult, and the red ones are very difficult to fight.


As shown on the above image, you may sometimes have a choice of fighting a weaker monster while going to your destination, so you’ll get to make your choice of whether you want to take the simpler route, or challenge yourself with a tougher monster.


Ray Gigant will release in Japan on July 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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