HoYoVerse Details Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu Location

Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou

HoYoVerse dropped a new tidbit of regarding the locations that will be available to players in Honkai Star Rail. A new “Traveler’s Guide” series posted to the HoYoLab community site details the Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu, a massive starship.

The blog post summarized the nature of the Honkai Star Rail Xianzhou Luofu. It is one of the six flagships of the in-game faction, the Xianzhou Alliance. According to legend, the Xianzhou Luofu was one of several ships built at the behest of an ancient emperor. Its original task was to search the ocean of stars for the medicine of immortality. Now it is described as a “one-way arrow” aimed at “the Lord of the Hunt’s destined enemy.”

The post also details the current state of the Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai Star Rail. When the player-controlled Trailblazer and their companions arrive, the ship is a cosmopolitan location, filled with people and artifacts of different cultures and planets. These are rooted in the ship’s earlier role as a wandering hub of trade and commerce. Players will be able to watch starskiff traffic at the Central Starskiff Haven, or wander amongst the cargo containers in Cloudford. Some of the starskiffs plying the area were built at the shipyard in Stargazer Navalia, while official business is conducted at the Palace of Astrum, headquarters of the Luofu Sky-Faring Commission.

Players who join the final closed beta for Honkai Star Rail will be able to explore the Xianzhou Luofu as one of the two main destinations available during the test. The other destination is Jarilo-VI, which was available during previous test periods and serves as the first stop in the main story. The story itself begins on the Herta space station, where players will be able to pick their Trailblazer’s gender presentation and get the lowdown on Honkai Star Rail‘s campaign.

Honkai Star Rail is in development for PC, iOS, and Android devices. The final closed beta test kicks off on February 10, 2023 for those who gain access.

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