Hucast Announces Shmup Sequel Redux 2 For Dreamcast, Shares First Screens



Hucast has announced that it is working on a sequel to its Dreamcast shmup DUX (and its dark-themed remake Redux: Dark Matters). It’s called Redux 2 and will be coming to Dreamcast next year.


Redux 2 is an original Sequel to Redux and it will feature 7 incredible stages themed from temple ruins Tech vaults and you will even enter a worm hole and discover new alternative dimensions,” writes Hucast.


rdx2_redplanet rdx2_space1

The studio also shared the first alpha screenshots as you can see above. Also revealed was this sequel’s “new ‘slim’ and faster player ship.” Hucast also revealed a work-in-progress concept for the first stage’s insect Alien Boss.



For more updates on Redux 2 follow Hucast’s website.

Chris Priestman