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Huggable Pokemon Plushes Include Dratini

The Pokemon Center in Japan has three Huggable Cushions plushe of long Pokemon, including Dratini. They all cost 12,100 JPY, which is around $86.10. You can get plushes of sleepy Dratini, Furret, and Eelektrik.

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The Pokemon plushes are 22 x 20 x 113 centimeters, and weigh 810 grams. Length-wise, they’re longer than the Ikea Blahaj shark plush, so they’re good to hug while sleeping. They’re made of polyester materials, which means they’re fairly soft and squishy to the touch. So far, there are only Dratini, Furret, and Eelektrik in the Huggable Cushions line of Pokemon plushes. Time will tell if the Pokemon Company releases ones of other long Pokemon, such as Gyarados or Milotic.

Though they’re not long, there have been some other huggable Pokemon plushes released these past few months. For example, Premium Bandai will ship out a giant Snorlax plush on July 15, 2023. Pre-orders for this doll closed in April 2023 though. The Pokemon Center in North America has also released several Squishmallows based on Pokemon like Togepi and Piplup.

The Huggable Cushions Pokemon plushes are readily available from the Pokemon Center in Japan. It does not offer international shipping from its website. So those who wish to purchase them will need to find another vendor or use a proxy service.

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