Humble Bundle Manga Deal Offers Award-winners Like Beck and Parasyte

Humble Manga Bundle

Whether you’re still stuck at home or are merely looking for some new reading material, Humble has a new Humble Bundle Manga deal ready for you. Once again, Humble’s regular partner Kodansha is handing out a load of fresh manga volumes at more than reasonable prices. This time around, though, the theme isn’t a single creator’s work (as with March’s Hiro Mashima-focused bundle), but a diverse slate of award-winning and critically acclaimed series.

And it’s quite a menu, to boot. Even the pay-what-you-want tier unlocks some interesting titles, like five volumes of Space Brothers, the first Love Hina omnibus volume, and five volumes of Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. While Love Hina is a classic, harem, rom-com manga from the ’90s, Beck and Space Brothers are the more standout offerings here. Beck follows a group of teens as they form a rock band to find success. Space Brothers follows two brothers as they try to fulfill their dreams of becoming astronauts with JAXA (Japan’s space agency).

The next tier continues Beck and adds a second Love Hina omnibus, but also adds three new series: Descending Stories, To Your Eternity and ParasyteParasyte is a creepy, sci-fi yarn about alien organisms that come to Earth, possessing the body parts of their human hosts, and living a symbiotic existence. There are battles and Cronenbergian body horror to enjoy. To Your Eternity pairs a young man with a wild wolf on a long journey through the Arctic and is from the creator of the also-critically-acclaimed manga A Silent VoiceDescending Stories is a period piece set in Japan’s Showa era (1926-1989), following practitioners of rakugo, a form of Japanese traditional storytelling.

The next three tiers mainly finish off the series already on offer, but do add two more to the mix: Princess Jellyfish and Your Lie in April. Apropos of the title, Princess Jellyfish is a fish-out-of-water story, though the “water” in this case is the tough hurdle of becoming social butterflies, as a group of outcast women seek to transform themselves. Your Lie in April‘s tale of young musicians and music’s power to inspire gained notoriety of late thanks to its recent anime adaptation.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the offerings:

  • Pay What You Want:
    • Space Brothers vol. 1-5
    • Love Hina Omnibus 1
    • Beck vol. 1-5
  • $8 USD and up
    • To Your Eternity vol. 1-2
    • Descending Stories vol. 1-5
    • Parasyte vol. 1-2
    • Love Hina Omnibus 2
    • Beck vol. 6-12
  • $15 USD and up
    • Your Lie in April vol. 1-2
    • To Your Eternity vol. 3-4
    • Descending Stories vol. 6-10
    • Parasyte vol. 3-4
    • Love Hina Omnibus 3
    • Beck vol. 13-19
    • Space Brothers vol. 6-15
  • $18 USD and up
    • Your Lie in April vol. 3-5
    • To Your Eternity vol. 5-8
    • Princess Jellyfish vol. 1-4
    • Parasyte vol. 5-6
    • Love Hina Omnibus 4
    • Beck vol. 20-26
    • Space Brothers vol. 16-25
  • $20 USD and up
    • Your Lie in April vol. 6-11
    • To Your Eternity vol. 9-11
    • Princess Jellyfish vol. 5-9
    • Parasyte vol. 7-8
    • Love Hina Omnibus 5
    • Beck vol. 27-34
    • Space Brothers vol. 26-34

The Humble Bundle manga deal runs until June 10, 2020.

Josh Tolentino
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