Hunt Strange Beasts, Lead A Tribe In The Beta Demo Of Primitives



Third-person survival game Primitives may look like it’s set during the Pleistocene epoch here on Earth, what with the woolly mammoths and tribesmen, but it’s actually set on an alien planet, apparently.


You play the lead of the chief of the tribe, whose mission is to ensure safety for your people by defeating the king of the jungle, which is  said to be a “ferocious beast with a ravenous hunger that includes alien and man meat alike.”


To do this, you’ll need to expand your tribe by collecting resources, which include: wood, stone, leather, and bone. With these, you can build a camp, and with a camp comes more people.


However, having more people in your tribe can be as much a problem as much as it is a solution. While you’ll be able to form a bigger and stronger unit for hunting beasts, you’ll have more mouths to feed.


Primitives is currently in beta, and the latest demo can be download on its website, or over on IndieDB.

Chris Priestman