The Huntress Of The Hollow Is A Short, Brutal, Free Fairytale RPG




Lenora often delivers food to her stubborn grandmother who lives deep in the woods, but with wolves all about, that job has become a lot more deadly in turn-based RPG The Huntress of the Hollow.




The Huntress of the Hollow will have Lenora battling against wolves should she stumble across the hulking, dark beasts in her path. They are incredibly dangerous, and while she can fight them using varied abilities in turn-based combat, and can find weapons and tools to help her in those fights, it’s not a bad idea to sometimes just avoid running into the wolves altogether.


The game is heavy on dialogue and story for its short duration, focusing on the strange events that have been plaguing Lenora’s village ever since a hunter showed up and promised to take care of their wolf problem. Since his appearance, the wolves have become more aggressive than ever, and Lenora will have to find out the connection between them while still getting goodies to grandma.




The Huntress of the Hollow is available for free on, and while it can be completed in under an hour, offers multiple endings to encourage repeat plays.

Alistair Wong
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