Hyper-Intense Shmup Hangeki Rewards Aggression With Giant Weapons



New York-based two-man studio Pentavera has released its intense, arcade shmup Hangeki. It has the classic wave-based alien invasion set-up of Galaga but, as some might say, turns it up to 11 with a focus on big weapons and hyper-combos.


According to Pentavera, Hangeki has been designed with competitive play in mind throughout. As such, the scoring system is based solely on time. So, if you want to hit the big numbers, you’re going to want to be aggressive and take risks while annihilating wave after wave of enemies.


To encourage you to adopt that style of play, the weapons system is powered by your combo, which means that playing it safe won’t give you access to the most powerful, screen-clearing weapons. You can see a bunch of those in the trailer above.


The 50+ weapons vary greatly, too, in order to cater to different niche situations and to add some strategic play to the onslaught. There are huge swinging swords, hole-punching laser blasts, and explosive barrages to make use of.


Regarding game modes, there are 10 main levels, over 15 challenges to complete, a Boss Rush mode, an Endless mode, and extra stages on top of that, all of which have global leaderboards to compete in. Should be plenty, then. Oh, and all the main levels support local two-player co-op too, so grab a friend.


You can purchase Hangeki for Windows only at the price of $9.99 over on Steam right now.  Check out its website for more information.

Chris Priestman