Hyperactive Parody RPG Fearless Fantasy Is Out On iOS


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TinyBuild Games’ parody RPG Fearless Fantasy is out for iOS devices today. You may remember that the game came out on PC last year. Perhaps you played it. If you did, it’s likely that you thought at least once that its battle system would be perfect for touch controls. That seems to be the case.


You see, while Fearless Fantasy does use a turn-based system, it stacks on gesture-based critical hits. So, to get the most out of each attack, you have to swipe through a series of arrows perfectly, using the right timing and accuracy. You also have to perform similar actions to defect enemy attacks – there’s barely ever a dull moment.


Beyond that, Fearless Fantasy is absolutely absurd. You play as Leon, a bounty hunter, as he happens across a princess who wants to avoid a marriage with the game’s snarling villain. This sets up the rest of the game’s story, which is mostly beating off enemies that wouldn’t be amiss in a Tim Burton film. There are giant scorpion people, huge striped egg-things, and evil flowers with disturbingly long tongues.


The new trailer above shows you how Fearless Fantasy above plays and looks on iOS.

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