When we asked our readers for their Hyperdimension Neptunia questions last week, a lot of you wanted to know what bonuses the game would come with and at what stores. You’ll be glad to know that Neptunia bonuses aren’t limited to the NISA store or to Gamestop.


Every copy of the initial shipment of Neptunia in the U.S., regardless of where you purchase it, will be the game’s premium edition, and come with the artbook. NIS America warned us that these would be limited, so anyone hoping for the art book would likely want to pre-order to be on the safe side.


There’s an added bonus for those that buy the game from the NISA Online Store. If you order the game from the NISA store, you also get a set of Neptunia playing cards in addition to the game and art book.


Unfortunately, these bonuses are limited to the U.S. NISA say pre-orders for Neptunia will be going up “soon,” with the game slated for release in February. Look forward to answers to our fan-powered Neptunia Q&A in the near future!


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