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Hyperdrive Massacre Brings Death Races To Xbox One On January 13th


After being released for PC via Steam back in October 2015, Hyperdrive Massacre launched for Xbox One on January 13th with a PlayStation 4 version also planned for the future.


It’s described by developer 34BigThings as “an 80s inspired arcade fragfest in Spacewar sauce designed around local multiplayer, focused on kinestetics, tactical and shooting skills at a very high pace.”


In other words, you and up to four friends each get your own space cadillac, armed with laser guns and mines and shields, and attempt to shoot each other down in a screen-wrapping 2D arena.


But that’s only the Deathmatch mode. To unlock more cars and arenas you’ll want to play Hyperdrive Massacre’s Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing, and Pong modes too.


Altogether there are eight arenas, 16 cars, and nine different weapons to try out. And yes, the game also offers a single player mode in which you face off against AI.

Chris Priestman