Hypnogogia Alters Reality In Frightening Ways Through Mushroom Consumption



Hypnogogia has important characters from the protagonist’s past showing up while they’re going through a psychedelic journey, and depending on the mushrooms they take, things can become a little unsettling.


Players have access to a handful of different mushrooms with varied properties during their surreal trip. Players can consult a Mush Sheet to see what these properties each one has, as these will be necessary to counteract the affects to their mental state as people from their past show up during their visions. Each person affects different aspects of the protagonist’s traits when they appear, and if players take the right mushrooms, they will counter these affects and make it through.

The player’s journey can go wrong in various different ways from playing with mushrooms, though. Each mushroom often throws one aspect off-kilter for every one that it fixes, and should things get out of hand, players will witness horrifying visions or begin vomiting, which means they’re failed.


Hypnogogia is available to play for free on

Alistair Wong
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